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Builder of high technology equipment for pharmaceutical, fine chemistry and biotech industries
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3 rue Eugène Hénaff
69200 Vénissieux - France
Tel. +33 4 72 51 22 74

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    VALLET PHARMA builds vessels and equipments for mostly pharmaceutical and fine chemistry industries.

    The company is located in Villeurbanne, in the region of the city of Lyon, in France, in the heart of major European center of pharmaceutical and fine chemistry producers, along the Rhône river valley, from the Swiss Valais area down to the Mediterranean Sea.

    Established in 1948 by Mr. Louis VALLET as a metal and boiler-maker workshop, VALLET PHARMA has imposed itself during 50 years as a builder of pressure vessels destined to a very demanding customer base, under the authority of two consecutive Presidents of the VALLET family, Mr. Jean-François VALLET and Mr. Pierre VALLET.

    A new management team has arrived in 2005 and has reinforced the ambitions of the company towards a higher technology offering and an expanded geographical zone of sales and activity.


    The customers of VALLET PHARMA are industrialists who produce mostly organic molecules, for their own use or for their customers, either by synthesis or through vegetal extraction. These molecules help in covering many of mankind’s needs :

    • pharmaceutical,
    • cosmetics,
    • aromas,
    • perfumes,
    • neutraceutic,
    • products for photography,
    • inks and varnishes.
    • ....

    VALLET PHARMA proposes and builds vessels and equipments destined to R and D applications of new molecules or new chemical manufacturing processes through pilot units or « kilo-labs ». VALLET PHARMA also proposes and builds vessels and equipments destined to industrial production of molecules, either in batch or continuous mode.

    VALLET PHARMA helps its customers to develop or realize their chemical production processes by building and integrating their vessels and equipments : reactor units, columns, condensers, tanks, filters, energy skids.


    The vessels and equipments build by VALLET PHARMA are :

    • Multi-purpose, in order to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of batch production.
    • Resistant to corrosion by chemicals, through the use of adapted grades of stainless steel, nickel alloys, or surface treatments.
    • Subject to very severe modes of operation, including cycles of vacuum and high pressurization, low and high temperatures.
    • Build on upon skids (or support frames), as complete packages or modules in order to reduce design, construction, qualification and on-site installation costs and delivery times.

    VALLET PHARMA builds equipments and installations that perform a number of different possible functions and stages of batch or continuous chemical production processes. VALLET PHARMA has developed a number of products and chemical production processes that answer to the specific demands of the fine chemistry industries.

    Organic molecules are synthesized during consecutive stages. For each stage, VALLET PHARMA proposes and builds adapted vessels and equipments :

    • Mixing of liquids, dissolution of solids in liquids : mixing tanks,
    • Liquid-liquid or liquid-gas reactions : chemical reactors,
    • Distillation, evaporation, condensation : columns, evaporators, condensers (tubular, plate or serpentine),
    • Separation of liquid phases, or liquids from solids, drying : seperation filters, drying filters, tanks and receivers,
    • Temperature control of vessels and equipments by using utility fluids : energy skids.

    All these vessels and equipments may be build with or without  :

    • Thermal jackets, simple or half-shell for temperature control,
    • Bottom or other type of valves,
    • Heat exchangers or temperature control systems,
    • Instrumentation,
    • Various accessories such as sample extraction, lighting, observation devices, agitator systems, CIP and cleaning devices, controlled atmosphere introduction, …
    • Support systems, or skids (support frames),
    • Insulation
    • Surface finishing levels, from the simplest (pickling/passivation) to the most demanding (mechanical polishing or electro-polishing).

    All vessels and equipments built by VALLET PHARMA are inspected and verified during and at the end of their construction. Everyone of them is documented, and complete files are delivered on paper on CD-ROM. They include all the documents necessary to their installation, operation and maintenance, such as :

    • The Ex certificates for the vessels and equipments that are to be used in Ex zones.
    • The CE certificates for the vessels and equipments that are subject to the DEP 97/23/CE European Directive for pressure vessels (individual equipments as well as complete functional modules).
    • The IQ Installation Qualification protocole and its IQ report for the approval of the installation by the FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration).

    VALLET PHARMA always respects confidentiality concerning the processes and products of its customers.


    In order to design these vessels and equipments, VALLET PHARMA uses all the necessary resources of process and chemical engineering, of fluid mechanics, hydraulics, thermodynamics, mechanical construction, thermal sciences, automation...

    VALLET PHARMA has created, for its own use in dimensioning and simulating the proposed vessels and equipments, a software platform using its own standard calculation methods and data bases concerning thermal and process fluids. All vessels and equipments are designed using SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD or MICROSTATION.

    In order to builds these vessels and equipments, VALLET PHARMA has its own workshops. This production tool :

    • Is certified ISO 9001 v 2000,
    • Enables the dimensioning of the pressure vessels according to the following stamp codes : CODAP 2000, ASME, ASIT or AD MERKBLAT,
    • Is certified for the construction of pressure vessels according to the CE label of European Directive PED 97/23/CE, certified by TUV for self certification for H and H1 modules,
    • Performs the ATEX integration of reactor and energy skid modules,
    • Includes an individual white metal workshop for the construction of vessels and equipments out of stainless steel and nickel alloy grades,
    • Uses certified welding methods,
    • Employs qualified welders only, in a large number of metal grades and welding methods.

    All these trades and competences are sheltered at the same location in the headquarters of VALLET PHARMA : boiler-making, piping, assembly, insulation, pneumatic and electrical cabling, programming, packaging...