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Separation techniques use the change of phase of a product in order to separate it from other components with which it is mixed


    Liquid/solid separation: filtration

    The pressurized filter is the ideal tool for filtering a liquid/solid suspension in order to extract a catalyst or activated carbon for re-use, or the end product of a manufacturing process. Mounted upon a carriage, such a device can be mobile, multi-purpose, be used directly at a production site.

    A range of filters

    A number of specific needs and requirements can be solved by the use of a Pressurized filter

    • A wide range of capabilities, with filtration surfaces from 0.5 to 2 m².

    • Resistance to product aggressiveness is guaranteed by the proper selection of construction materials, stainless steel, stainless steel with special coatings such as Halar® or PTFE, or even nickel alloys, and proper selection of materials for the accessories

    • The liquid/solid suspension can be filtered under vacuum, or under pressure up to 3 bars or more, and for temperatures between -30 and +180°C.

    • Two consecutive filterings can be provided with a two-stage device built on the same frame.

    Great ease of use

    • A hydraulic-driven bayonet-type fast-opening and closing device of the top cover guarantees a perfect tightness at all pressures, avoiding the use of clamp bolts.

    • Once lifted with the help of a hydraulic jack, the cover can rotate around its axis so to have the mass of filtered particles and the filter medium made readily accessible to an operator.

    • The filter can be inerted with nitrogen, it can be equipped with a thermal jacket which enables to heat the product during the filtering process with vapor or hot water.

    • A centrifugal pump transfers the liquid/solid suspension to and from a reactor, or can recycle it towards the filtering medium.

    • The pressurized filter can be fully and thoroughly cleaned according to the recommendations and requirements of the FDA.


    Over 20 pressurized filters are in use today in Europe for applications such as retrieving catalysts or the end product.

Different types of pressurized filters

  • Fast-opening and closing filters with hydraulic jack (ideal for ATEX),

  • Made of stainless steel, stainless steel with special coatings such as Halar® or PTFE, or nickel alloys,

  • Thermal jacket for use up to +150°C,

  • Service pressure : -1 bar up to +3 bars,

  • Can be mounted on a mobile carriage, with anti-static wheels.

  • Can be equipped with agitator system.”


Agitated filter
Agitated filter

Pressurized filter
Pressurized filter

Pressurized filter
Pressurized filter